教师舒适生活 vs. 学生就业前景

Hudak’s job cutting plan: teachers’ lives vs. students’ job prospects

安省保守党党领胡达克的裁员计划,将会影响包括教师在内的公务员。一名28岁的安省教师因此在网上发出一封公开信,谴责胡达克的计划可能会剥夺他目前享有的舒适生活。Kevin Jia认为,鉴于安省学生的学业表现持续下滑,如果不进行变革,将会有更多学生无法找到工作,其生活状况也将无法与这位教师的生活水准相提并论。

Ontario PC leader Tim Hudak job cutting plan would affect public sector employees including teachers. A 28-year-old Ontario teacher posts an online letter denouncing Hudak’s plan that may deprive his comfortable living.  But as Ontario students’ school performance continues to decline, Kevin Jia believes that without a change, more students would be unable to find a job that provides a lifestyle this teacher currently enjoys.

我最近无意中在网上看到28岁的汉密尔顿教师特拉布科致安省保守党党领胡达克的一封公开信。他在信中称,胡达克的削减公务员计划将会终结他目前享受的舒适生活,即他和妻子还有爱犬生活刚刚购置的住宅中,他的儿子也即将出生。这封信自始至终都在抨击胡达克的政策——从砍掉30%学费补贴直到削减10万公务员,但特拉布科显然是优先考虑了自己的需要,却未从整体角度考虑安省的未来。I recently came across an open letter to Tim Hudak, posted online by Matthew Trabucco, a 28 year old Hamilton Teacher. In his letter, he addressed that Hudak’s public job cutting plan would end his way of life—Trabucco lives comfortably in his newly purchased home, his wife, dog, and his soon to be born son. Throughout the entire diatribe against Hudak’s policies—from axing the 30% tuition subsidy to cutting 100,000 public sector workers—Trabucco prioritizes his own needs rather than focusing on a holistic view of Ontario’s future.

特拉布科在信中描绘了一幅美好,但却具非真实的安省状况图。他称安省教师在尽心尽力地教导学生,安省甚至被公认为国际教育的领头羊。从本质上讲,特拉布科是在用自己的轶事证据为待遇过高的安省公共教育部门辩护。但是,他并未引用任何相关的统计数据,因此也未能赢得人们对教师的同情。Throughout the letter, Trabucco paints a rosy, but deluded, picture of Ontario. He claims that Ontario teachers are doing their upmost to properly educate students, and that Ontario is even recognized as a world leader in education. Essentially, Trabucco justifies the overfed public education sector in Ontario through his own anecdotal evidence. However, he fails to cite any relevant statistics and as a result,Trabucco fails to win over compassion for teachers.


不幸的是,特拉布科的说法实际上与事实相去甚远。在过去10年,安省教师变得越来越懒散,待遇越来越高。在所有安省民众都在 2008年经济衰退中苦苦挣扎时,教师继续获得每年3%的加薪。由于愤怒的市民赞同冻结教师工资,教师们变得歇斯底里。教师们作出了何种反应?他们像被灌坏了孩子一样,他们削减了学生的体育活动、课外活动和艺术培训,他们将矛头对准了弱势群体。Unfortunately, what Trabucco claims is reality couldn’t be any further from the truth. Ontario teachers have become increasingly lazy and entitled in the past 10 years. While all Ontarians struggled through the 2008 recession, teachers continued their 3% annual increase in salaries. As outraged citizensfroze their wages, the result prompted mass hysteria amongst teachers. And how did teachers respond? Like brats, they cut sports, extra-curricular, and arts training to students—they targeted the vulnerable.

教师工会已经变成懒散、自私自利和权利资格的机构倡导者。虽然教师继续向纳税人索取,但他们的教学技能却越来越迟钝。至于安省的“国际教育领头羊”地位,国际学生评估项目(PISA)报告显示,安省学生的数学成绩比全球排名第一的上海学生落后近100分。此外,安省学生的阅读和科学成绩也不尽如人意,分别落后于韩国和越南。最糟糕的是,安省教育质素及问责办公室亦宣布,安省学生的数学成绩已经连续五年下降。Unions have become institutional advocates for laziness, selfishness, and entitlement.While teachers continue to demand more from tax payers, their teaching skills have dulled. As for Ontario’s ‘world leading education’, the Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA) reports that mathematic scores for Ontario students lag nearly 100 points behind world leader, Shanghai.It doesn’t get any better for reading and science; behind Korea and Vietnam, respectively. Here’s the worst part; EQAO has even announced that mathematics scores have fallen for 5 straight years.

Perhaps what bothers me the most is that Mr. Trabucco, just 28 years old and already set in a home, believes that his house is a god given right. His entire letter is a sap-story plea to maintain his privileged lifestyle. But as educators, shouldn’t Mr. Trabucco and all teachers have their student’s success as a top priority and not his Hamilton house? Evident from the 2011 strike, abysmal test scores, and his letter, Trabucco and the teachers union doesn’t care about the well-being of students—they’re comfortable lives must remain untouched.

But I digress. The larger picture here is that the bloated public sector has ruined private job creation. Ontario’ $280 billion debt has put immense pressure on businesses as taxes have skyrocketed. The result is the embarrassing job market that is today’s unfortunate reality for recent grads.Just in 2014, Ontario shed 39,000 jobs with several large corporations closing plants and relocating—students always shoulder the burden. This year, I will turn 20 and my prospects for the future are murky.

For my generation, finding employment has never been harder in this economy as the job market in Ontario has deteriorated within just 10 years. Today, only 1 in 2 youths are fortunate to hold a sustaining job now, with the unemployment rate for 15-24 year olds pegged at 17%. Scores of recent university grads are struggling in Ontario to find decent work and with Hudak’s cuts, thousands of teachers, are terrified at prospect of becoming part of this growing demographic.

But I have some sympathy for Trabucco—no one actually wants to see teachers struggling. However, Hudak’s proposed cuts would send the teachers a strong message to better educate students with more practical skills and simultaneously alleviate burdening taxes on businesses—you can bet the Liberals will monotonously stay the course of waste and over-taxation.

The young generation has never been so desperate for change. As a child, I used to dream I would own a home when I’m 28. But as I embark on my third year of university, I can only shudder at the thought of another decade of Liberal rule. With this current job market and educational standards,I may never live a privileged lifestyle that Mr. Trabucco presently enjoys.


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