Chinese News editorial: Omar Khadr compensation is a testament to democracy

日前,特鲁多政府决定向在关塔那摩监狱长达十年的,当年的童子士兵奥马•卡德尔(Omar Khadr)颁发数百万美元的经济赔偿,这一决定引起了保守党及其支持者们广泛的批评。对卡德尔的赔偿话题也成为《大中报》的微信账户“大中生活”的讨论热点。一些反对者对自由党政府的决定深感愤懑,甚至认为向恐怖主义分子提供如此大手笔赔偿已构成对纳税人犯罪!

Trudeau government’s decision to award a multimillion-dollar compensation package to Omar Khadr, the child solider who endured a decade long of mistreatment in Guantanamo prison has sparked wide spread criticism by the Conservatives and their supporters. The topic has also become a heated point of discussion on this paper’s account with social media WeChat. Some opponents seem angry at the Liberal government’s decision, alleging that the massive amount of compensation to a terrorist mounts to committing a crime to taxpayers!


Indeed, allowing Khadr, who was captured on a battlefield in Afghanistan and who pleaded guilty to throwing a grenade that killed a US Army medic, to pocket such a sum brings a sense of distaste and injustice to many. But the compensation decision is part of the Liberal governments’ compliance effort to the Supreme Court of Canada. The highest court of the country ruled in 2010 that Canada, through its agents’ participation in interrogating of Khadr, was partly responsible for the actions that violated Khadr’s human rights, and led to his continued imprisonment in Guantanamo. 


One of the key aspect in Supreme Canada’ ruling was that Khadr was an underage child at the time. Under the Canadian charter of right, the government cannot take part in interrogating a detained youth suspect, depriving his right to a counsel and allowing the results to be used against him.


Canada is a country governed by the rule of law, with legal principals that give minors special legal protections. The legal principals apply to all citizens of the country –  including the bad guys. Respecting the rule of law and allowing laws to govern a nation has separated a democratic country from an authoritarian state -- which is ruled by individual officials, who have plenty of power at disposal to mistreat prisoners.  Khadr’s compensation is a testament to Canada’s democracy –  a system that has been desired by people around the world. It is also one of the key characters that has made immigrants like us to flee an authoritarian government and to come to this country. 

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公正 on 星期二, 八月 15, 2017 - 09:16
卡德对抗加拿大的维护基本人权的反恐。卡德不赔偿几个$1000万给加拿大,是对加国民主制度的侮辱。 卡德对抗的维护基本人权的反恐。卡德不赔偿几十个$1000万给世界收恐怖组织伤害的人,是对民主制度的侮辱。