RBC 将固定利率 提高20个百分点
RBC hikes fixed term mortgage rates by 20 basis points each

大中报  侯东南

随着对加拿大银行将提高利率呼声高涨,从加国银行到次贷公司等许多金融机构都将房贷利率提升。皇家银行将(二年,三年, 五年)固定利率提高了20个百分点,与此同时,加国政府采取的给房市降温的政策也令GTA房屋销售额陡降。
Amid a widespread anticipation of interest rate hikes by the BOC, mortgage rates have been pushed up by financial institutions - from major banks to alternative lenders. RBC has boosted its fixed-term mortgage rates (two, three, five-year) by 20 basis points each, at a time when the government’s policies to cool housing markets have taken a toll on the home sales in GTA.
加拿大银行的房贷利率上升给10年来极为低廉的借贷成本画上了句号,同时也将给贷款者的财务状况带来巨变。那些负债累累的家庭将更加债台高筑,家庭经济困境重重。 而不可避免的利率上升,也将使潜在的购房者重新审核其高利率下的购房计划。

Canadian banks’ mortgage rate hikes, which have put an end to a decade long of ultra-low borrowing cost, will bring a changing landscape for mortgage borrowers, leaving the finances of heavily indebted families in disarray, raising their debt level and deepening their financial woes. Facing the inevitable rate hikes, potential homebuyers must ensure that they can afford a rising mortgage over the course of its term.

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