Visiting Taiwan, one year later


Last year, I visited Korea, Taiwan, China, and Hong Kong on a packaged tour with my relatives.  This year, I embarked on another tour of Asia. This time, we organized a private tour group of 10 people to customize our travelling program in Taiwan before joining a 15 day New Zealand/Australian Cruise.


With our guided tour packages last year, we suffered from early morning  schedules along with visitations well into the evening followed by hurried meals. This time, the hiring of a daily service van (10 Hours) and a chauffeur for Taiwan $8000 (Cdn $348) made our journey more relaxed and controlled. We can start later in the morning, and spend whatever amount of time we want at each attraction depending on how much we enjoy it. It worked out just as we expected. Just like last time, we talked to many Taiwan residents that we met to get an understanding of their thoughts and feelings.


Revisiting Taipei allowed me to compare it against what I saw last year.  What we encountered at the Hotels and major attractions were mostly visitors from Hong Kong this time around with very few Mainland tourists. I observed a very clean city of Taipei and its surrounding areas. What make this equally amazing was how it can be accomplished without any public trash cans on the streets! Without any readily accessible garbage cans, I had to keep my garbage till I returned to the Hotel, or I had to request local vendors to depose of it. The night markets were exceptions where some trash cans were easily located for our convenience.


Another observation I made was the effectiveness of traffic control. There were plenty of small motor bicycles running around but I was not able to see any of them involved in any accidents throughout my stay. At major intersections, traffic from all 4 directions came to a stop simultaneously to allow for pedestrians to cross over for a duration of over one minute. I have not seen this anywhere else! Law abiding citizens (except a very few) stood patiently to wait for their turn without complaints. The little stick figure displayed in the traffic light will hurry up its paces during the last 15 seconds of countdown to stop. This effectively encourages the pedestrians to quicken their paces as well.


Taiwan is a land of many temples. There are temples everywhere, big and small. Many of these are devoted to goddesses who helped fishermen to survive storms and rough seas in the past. Plenty of temple followers are ready to provide funds for their up keeping on a regular basis and give them support for any fund raising campaigns to rebuild and/or expand on existing structures, limited only by the immediate lands physically available and owned by the establishment.

When it comes to the night markets, I find them more sophisticated when compared to those I visited  last year. There are now more variety of goods for sale along with newer and more innovative foods to eat. I suppose new ideas have to come forth just to keep the merchants ahead of each other. There is just no point to sell the same things and compete with many others for a slice of the fixed pie (monies) from the visitors. One night, the six of us enjoyed Japanese Teppanyaki for under Taiwan $900 or Canadian $30 total at a night market restaurant.


Lastly, Taiwanese are deeply involved into politics. Local politicians were campaigning while we were there and they utilized teams of cars with loudspeakers on the streets. That activity was carried out by a small fringe party yet I was impressed by their efforts and enthusiasm. After seeing the political developments in Hong Kong under the “one country, two systems” slogan, Taiwanese have no interests in that model and they are not buying into it. The road to the re-unification of China will continue to be long and treacherous.


Next destination, New Zealand.

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