What promises made by Ontario PC health care, education, environment and accountability?

本文将继续介绍安省进步保守党党魁彭建邦(Patrick Brown)的“向人民保证”的竞选纲领中的其他承诺。
We will now continue to examine the more relevant supplementary promises announced in the “People's Guarantee” by the Progressive Conservative Party of Ontario leader Patrick Brown. 
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A PC Provincial Government will commit $1.9 billion to build a comprehensive mental health system which is the largest mental health commitment in Canadian Provincial history. Doctors and health care professionals will be consulted and involved on future reforms to the health care system.

In response to an aging population, efforts will also be made to reduce hospital and emergency wait times. A dental program will be created for low income seniors. Funding will be allocated to build 15,000 long term care beds in 5 years and 30,000 in 10 years.

A moratorium is to be placed on all school closures. A PC government will continue the expansion of the financial literacy pilot program into all secondary schools. The declining math scores will be tackled to bring them back on track. A task force of former teaching professionals will be appointed to learn from the province's best teachers to best inform future curriculum updates.


There is no mention of the sex education controversy created last year when Patrick Brown was accused by the Liberals of flip-flopping. Many ethnic groups were expecting promises of “elimination” of the updated sex education curriculum. It is clear now that there will be no changes coming to this area.


A PC Government would commit $50 million to support the cleaning up of the Great Lakes and take action against dumping of sewage into Ontario's lakes and rivers. $20 million to be invested to upgrade local parks in cities, suburbs and towns. These are all environmental initiatives but the funding amounts appear to be inadequate to handle the tasks.


By dismantling the existing Liberal provincial government's “Cap and Trade” program and opting into the Federal Liberal government's “Federal Carbon Pricing Backstop” program, Mr. Brown avoids the creation of a new carbon tax program and also put the provincial liberal government into a difficult position since they cannot openly criticize the policies of their federal comrades.

The implementation of a carbon tax by the Progressive Conservative Party of Ontario has become a controversy within the party all year. Many viewed that as a reversal of Patrick's earlier stance. This adopted new tax will now bring in much needed revenues to the province while the Federal Government will get all the blame for any fallout. At the same time, environment supporting young voters are lured into the PC camp. This is a clever move by Patrick Brown.


The intent of the carbon tax is to encourage carbon gas emitting  facilities and industries to seek alternate clean sources of energy. However, most of the carbon tax payers will simply view this as the cost of doing business and will have no incentives to change. Canada accounts for only 2% of the world's Green House Gas, and we are committing to a money grabbing and inefficient program that will ultimately prove to be a failure.


A series of reforms are proposed for this area. Starting with a “Trust, Integrity, and Accountability Act”, performance target are to be established for Ministers. Lobbying and fundraising loopholes are to be closed and the Auditor General will have the oversight of Government Advertising once again to prevent their uses for political gains.


These are all lofty policies that will have to be tested against loose interpretations and selective enforcement when implemented by the party  in power.


The “People's Guarantee” details major programs in each main areas of concern and identifies specific supplementary programs throughout the  rest of the document. While there are a few gems that stand out as PC ideas such as the return of Hydro dividends and adaption of the Federal Carbon tax program, the others are simply upgrades to existing Government programs or proposals.


Next time, we will continue to look at some other individual election promises buried in the “People's Guarantee” not mentioned in most media 

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