仔细分析万锦市和约克区的市政选举 (二)
A close look at municipal election in city of Markham and York Region (Part Two)

This is part of a series of articles on the 2018 municipal election in Markham. For the earlier articles, click : http://chinesenewsgroup.com/news/665109

There are eight wards in the City of Markham. The boundaries were redrawn just prior to the 2014 municipal elections to reflect a more equalized distribution of populations in each ward. As a result of this, the old Ward#2 was geographically integrated into Ward#1.
在2014年大选之前,Valerie Burke(图右)是第一选区的议员,Howard Shore(图左)是第二选区的议员。 2011年12月多伦多星报报道,Shore是一名在美国被判有重罪的罪犯。他曾因窃取手机和盯梢一位知名女律师而在佛罗里达监狱服刑11天。在11年当中,他被刑事指控过6次。

Prior to the 2014 election, Valerie Burke was the Ward#1 councillor and Howard Shore was Ward#2 councillor. It was reported in the Toronto Star in December 2011 that Howard was a convicted U.S. felon with a knack for landing in trouble, once serving 11 days in a Florida jail for stealing a cellphone and stalking a high-profile female lawyer. In total he has faced criminal charges 6 times in 11 years.


While serving on Markham City Council In April, 2013, he has also pleaded guilty to possessing a stolen cellphone in the Newmarket Court and subsequently given an absolute discharge. According to his Lawyer, Mr. Shore has gone through intensive therapy and “self-reflection” by way of the community treatment court, a special program designed for mentally ill offenders.

在2014年市选中,Shore输给了新的第一选区的竞争对手Valerie Burke(7,055票对2,815票),2015年4月,Shore还被万锦市诚信专员行政处罚。他的三个违规行为中有两个与不正当的竞选活动有关。另一个是在他担任German Mills委员会的主席时剥夺该委员会成员的投票权。这些历史对今年的选举尤其重要,因为Shore今年再次参选,而Burke不寻求连任。

In April 2015, after losing the seat for the new Ward#1 to Valerie Burke in 2014 (7055 votes to 2815 votes), Howard Shore was also reprimanded by the City's Integrity Commissioner. Two of the three infractions were related to improper campaigning. The other one was on the denial of voting rights to the members sitting on the German Mills Committee when Howard was the Chair. What make these events significant is that Howard Shore is now a candidate this year and Valerie Burke has decided not to run again.


There are eight candidates contesting this Ward#1 seat. All of them are rookies except for Howard Shore. I am sure that they are aware of Howard's records and will not spare any words to remind the voters again. As far as ethnicity voters are concern, one of the candidates is Chinese and another one is a Korean. Howard has the name recognition but also the long list of unfavourable records to go with it.

值得关注的候选人之一是Ricardo Mashregi。他是Grandview居民协会(GARA)的主席。自1989年以来,GARA一直为社区服务,并在第一选区有良好的口碑。另外一个值得注意的的候选人是Keith Irish,他是前约克区在第一选区的教育委员。

One of the candidates to watch out for is Ricardo Mashregi, Chair of the Grandview Area Residents Association (GARA). GARA was servicing the community since 1989 and has quite a reputation in Ward#1. Another one of the candidates to observe is Keith Irish, a former Ward 1 Public School Trustee with the York Region District School Board.

剩下的那些候选人是:Caryn Bergmann,Jasmine Kang,Hilary Neubauer,Barry Nelson和Peter Wong。
The List of candidates also include: Caryn Bergmann, Jasmine Kang, Hilary Neubauer, Barry Nelson, and Peter Wong.


With some many new candidates and the departure of the incumbent, it is almost impossible to analyze and predict the outcome of the contest. We will be able to observe and evaluate the candidates through their upcoming performances when they will be taking part in debates and interviews conducted by various organizations and the media. Anyone endorsed by the retiring incumbent will have a huge advantage over the others.
We will look at the candidates for Ward#2 next time.


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