Toronto City Councillors must put community safety and well-being first
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Security and safety are always at the top of our priority list when we choose the community that we want to live in. If we do not have a choice in where we live, then we would like to improve upon it to provide for a secured and safe environment for our families.

正是由于这个原因,安大略省警察服务法规定,所有市政当局都必须在 2021 年 7 月之前采取社区安全和生活品质的措施。在省政府的指导下,各个市政府要加大他们对安全的理解,并采取长期战略来实现社区的安全。
It is with this in mind that all municipalities are mandated to prepare and adopt a Community Safety and Well-Being Plan by July 2021 under the Ontario Police Services Act. Municipalities are guided by a provincial framework to broaden their understanding of safety and apply long-term strategic actions to achieve that goal. 


A scientific way to attack any problems would be to identify their root causes. Community violence, trauma and injustice are very complex issues. A traditional enforcement approach cannot be the only response, nor the default response to building a safer city. It is necessary to take proactive, multi-sector responses guided by a unified vision and a set of agreed upon priorities. 
The program “SafeTO” is the response to the Ontario legislation from the City of Toronto. It is a comprehensive Ten-Year Community Safety and Well-Being Plan that identifies core elements of community safety and well-being in order to shift the traditional approach from a reliance on reactive emergency response to a culture of proactive prevention. In other words, taking preventative actions to eliminate the problems before they have a chance to raise their ugly heads.
SafeTO 将指导多伦多市想办法以不同的方式,进行跨部门、跨社区和跨政府协作,让多伦多变得更安全,让市民安心地享受生活。
SafeTO will direct the City of Toronto to think differently, work collaboratively across sectors, communities and governments, and to do better to bring about a safe Toronto that promotes and celebrates the well-being and resilience of all residents.


Toronto has a history of taking bold action to address complex challenges. In recent years, Toronto City Council has committed to a 20-year plan to transform how the City addresses poverty through another program named TO Prosperity: Toronto Poverty Reduction Strategy.  The program has endorsed the Toronto Action Plan to Confront Anti-Black Racism to acknowledge and uproot anti-Black racism from our systems and structures; and has put into action policing reform measures to create a new community-led Community Crisis Support Service to redefine how the City's systems respond to mental health crises.
The program “SafeTO” will attempt to:
Expand the definition of community safety beyond crime or policing to include well-being.
Redefine what trauma means and deepening the ability of the City and its partners to be informed by it and respond to it.
Enhance the City's ability to act early and advance preventative approaches.
Develop innovative mechanisms to use multi-sector data (from different branches of government) to facilitate decision making and integrate investments.
Implement an effective multi-sector governance structure that brings critical partners into coordinated leadership and action.
Commit to a long-term vision of community safety and well-being and a comprehensive plan to realize it.

For Toronto to make the shift envisioned by the Province, it must undergo a “cultural change” and focus on developing and/or enhancing programs that focus on social development, prevention, and intervention through multi-sector collaboration to reduce the reliance on traditional reactive emergency response. For the City to be successful, it must solicit and work with an approach consisting of effective partnerships with and investments from other orders of government.
SafeTO 将通过26个需要立即启动的项目来实现七个战略目标,即提高社区应对危机的能力;减少暴力事件;促进真相与和解;宣传理解和正义;对人投资;投资社区;推动协作和问责。 
SafeTO will drive 26 priority actions across seven strategic goals: Reduce Vulnerability; Reduce Violence; Advance Truth and Reconciliation; Promote Healing and Justice; Invest in People; Invest in Neighbourhoods; and Drive Collaboration and Accountability.  
In the process of developing SafeTO this spring, Social Development, Finance and Administration Division, the Toronto Police Service and the Toronto Police Service Board, Toronto Community Housing, Toronto Public Health, Toronto Transit Commission, the Toronto District School Board, and the Toronto Catholic District School Board formed the Executive Leadership Table with the support of the Office of the Mayor to collaboratively develop a Short-term Community Safety Pilot project to leverage and integrate community safety efforts across organizations for better impact on the reduction of gun violence through the summer months. 
这个试点项目所得到的经验和教训将用于 SafeTO 实施计划。该计划将于 2021 年 12 月提交市议会审议。“SafeTO”项目需要很长时间才能产生明显结果。我们都知道政客们喜欢搞吸引眼球的假大空项目。但我们希望他们能把“SafeTO”坚持下去,看到这个项目的潜力,而不是轻易放弃这个项目。
Lessons learned through this collaborative work will be used in the SafeTO Implementation Plan which will be brought back for Council consideration in December 2021. This “SafeTO'' program will take a long time before it will yield any visible results. Let's hope the politicians can stick with it and see it through and not abandon it and work on some other more glamorous project showing up on their future agenda instead.






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