Toronto will step up efforts to crack down on feeding pigeons
来源: Bob Mok
Pigeon feeders in Toronto, be aware of what you are doing and know that there will be consequences for your actions soon!

Pigeon feeding has been practised by many people all over the world. Some of them do so out of showing their kindness to animals and birds. Others have done so for religious (Buddhism) beliefs not explicitly identified in any holy scriptures. In the Buddhist religion feeding birds is part of a spiritual practice. Serving others without any expectation is the hallmark of the purest form of compassion.

Everything seems alright when the two parties get something out of the pigeon feeding activities. The human gets spiritual satisfaction and the pigeons get a full stomach. What can go wrong? Plenty, if we only think harder.

Feeding pigeons will cause a number of dire consequences. Pigeons will habitually gather around places where pigeon feeders will show up at regular periods. Crowds of pigeons will increase the chances of disease transmission between pigeons. Pigeons will rely on the pigeon feeders to get their food and not seek food on their own. The birds will suffer when the pigeon feeders do not show up on time. Feeding them can cause harm to their bodies as many food additives are not good for the birds' health.

The gathering birds will defecate and damage the surrounding properties. The bird's waste is both digestive and urinary and very acidic in nature. Most birds have a very low water level in their body because water is heavy to transport by air. The white component of bird poop is a thick white paste of uric acid, with very little water content. If unattended and uncontrolled, the droppings can accumulate rather quickly. Birds will also roost on roofs and eaves, trees, or find the entrance to attics.
鸽屎携带 60 多种传染疾病,包括血吸虫病、隐球菌病、沙门氏菌病和大肠杆菌等。鸽子还与 50 多种体外寄生虫有关,这些寄生虫可以钻进人体。这些寄生虫包括臭虫、西尼罗河病毒和黄粉虫。鸽子窝和鸽屎还有螨虫和蜱虫。以上这些问题会导致人类上呼吸道疾病。例如,血吸虫病是一种可能致命的呼吸道疾病。血吸虫病会在干燥的鸽屎里的真菌中潜伏。
Bird droppings can harbour over 60 transmittable diseases. This includes schistosomiasis, cryptococcosis, salmonellosis and E. coli to just name a handful. Birds are also associated with over 50 kinds of ectoparasites which can work their way through structures to infest and bite the people inside. A few of the ectoparasites include bed bugs, West Nile Virus and yellow mealworms. The nests and droppings also have mites and ticks. The common diseases listed above that are transmitted to humans cause upper respiratory illnesses. Schistosomiasis for instance, is a respiratory disease that could be fatal. It results from a fungus that grows in the dried bird poop.

由于市民喂鸽子,多伦多的人行道、广场和巷道已经被鸽子“霸占”。2021 年 7 月 14 日,多伦多市议会通过了研究如何禁止在多伦多公共和私人场所喂鸽子的动议。多伦多的许可和标准 (MLS) 办公室将研究:
Sidewalks, plazas and laneways in Toronto have become "overwhelmingly inundated" with pigeons that continue to be attracted to those spaces because of food scattered by residents. On July 14, 2021, the City Council passed the motion to explore banning pigeon feeding in all public and private spaces in the City of Toronto. The Municipal Licensing and Standards (MLS) department will work on the details below:
(a) 对禁止市民喂鸽的规定扩大到多伦多市所有公共和私人场所进行可行性研究; (b) 如何对违规事件迅速调查和执法,尤其是在311收到喂鸽投诉的情况下; (c) 与多伦多公共卫生局一道,制定健康和安全策略,以解决因鸽屎过多而造成的卫生问题。
(a) feasibility of expanding the pigeon-feeding prohibition by-laws to all public and private spaces in the City of Toronto; (b) requirements needed to initiate rapid-response investigation and enforcement which would prioritize any 311 complaints related to pigeon feeding; and (c) develop health and safety strategies to address unsanitary conditions due to excessive amounts of droppings when pigeons are gathered in large numbers, consultation with Toronto Public Health as appropriate.

多伦多市已经有一项禁止在公园内给野生动物喂食的规定。但该禁令只限于公园内。提出动议的市议员 Kristyn Wong-Tam指出,现行规定并未得到认证执行。她列举了过多的鸽屎、烦人的鸽子、财产损失和喂鸽子的食物残渣引来老鼠等问题。
The city of Toronto already has a bylaw that bans feeding or attempting to feed wildlife in parks but that ban does not apply outside those green spaces. Councillor Kristyn Wong-Tam who proposed the motion argued that the existing bylaw has not been actively enforced. She cited excessive pigeon droppings, social annoyance, property damage and the attraction of rats through discarded food scraps as reasons for the proposed ban.
MLS 将在 2022 年 3 月就上述问题向市议会报告。令人振奋的消息是,多伦多开始意识到喂鸽造成的许多问题,并决定用法律的手段解决这些问题。对于多伦多的喂鸽子的人来说,这可不是个好消息。
MLS will report back to the City Council in March 2022 on the above items. Overall it's exciting news that the City is starting to realize how much nuisance pigeon feeding is causing, and decided to look into a quicker response and enforcement on this issue. Bad news for the pigeon feeders in Toronto indeed.





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